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she/her or it/its is okay
a real life pigeon
personality type infp?

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you know  digits of me

cant stay up this late anymore..

by the way tomorrow I might probably change my url temporarily to see what happens. I expect to lose a lot of followers really

I like my .co.vu so that still stays which is cool and useful

Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint






someone irl explained to me the monster condom/magnum dong joke yesterday. apparently the person who said it in the show looked like newman(thats the name right) from seinfeld. like now I get the joke and yeah its much funnier but ew?? I hate that guy in seinfeld a lot hes kinda creepy and then this joke is also kinda creepy thinking him being the person saying that

and then an hour later we were in rite aid and some older teens were buying condoms for their friend as a half joke and so the joke was made there by us. it was funny there

not feelin that great about multiple thingsat once, personal and oitside worldly!! whoo! join me!!

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my whole life has been a lie


my whole life has been a lie

Anonymous asked:
* and #

last thing I lied about

uuuuh darn I lie about quite a few things um. what homework is due for the first day I believe

a secret


coded because theres too many irl people I know following me ahaaha

furryconfirmed sorry this is late but hey. I did it. it only works on my phone insofar so it may have to do with google chrome/xkit. thanks!

waverace64 yeah same here. wouldve gotten high honor if I wasnt bad at spañish ahaa

geez I got a lot more asks than expected (which was none)………. thanks guys it was kinda nice

Anonymous asked:

something I don’t like about myself

my entire body but mostly my face

Anonymous asked:
>:c, <:,

eh I’ll do repeats: something I like about myself

hhhhhmmmm.. my sense of humor/sarcasm? even though no one ever gets it because Im too deadpan and not sarcastic sounding enough idk. and memes are funny sometimes

something that pisses me off

#viva la pluto!!!! its a weird pet peeve but it’s a big one. please tag anything saying how pluto should be a planet probably

Anonymous asked:

something I like about myself

uuuh……..my ability to get fairly good grades in school while not trying as much as I should. it’s a useful skill to have I guess